Oral Imaging – Are You Seeing the Whole Picture?


When it comes to your teeth, regular examinations by qualified oral health-care providers is key to achieving and maintaining optimal oral health.


While most people worry about cavities and cleanings, oral pathology such as cancers, tumors and cysts occur more frequently than most patients realize. With advances in digital imaging, dental X-rays are safer than ever and show us more detail than ever. Digital scanners and 3D imaging have fundamentally changed the way we diagnose and treat dental disease, and have been shown to improve patient outcomes. It is for this reason that we have created a state-of-the-art digital clinic that has brought all of this under one roof to safeguard your health.


Does your dental provider create digital models of your teeth in order to track and measure tooth movement, tooth wear and fractures?


At Quail Ridge Dental, all patients receive a digital scan of their dentition which we use to show patients conditions that do not show up on X-rays. We take these scans periodically and can overlay them to show us how and what has changed over time. Our patients find these visuals so helpful in understanding what is going on for them with their oral health.

With the latest CBCT technology we can create images of the teeth and jaws that allow us to move through your teeth and jaws in three dimensions. The result is the ability to see things we simply cannot see in a two-dimensional X-ray. With this technology in our office we can visualize and measure everything happening in our patients’ mouths and jaws.

In addition to being able to better see structures and density of bone, we can digitally place your implants in your images and 3D print surgical guides to enhance and perfect placement of dental implants for missing teeth.

Soft tissues are also important for us to examine and monitor. With our Velscope technology, we can visualize tissue changes in the precancerous stages to speed up diagnosis and improve treatment outcomes. Oral cancer is deadly and survivors often require disfiguring surgeries. As with all other cancers, early detection is key and regular check ups are your best defence.

Your dental health experts at Quail Ridge Dental have state-of-the art imaging to properly assess your teeth, gums, and tissues to ensure overall health and well-being. If you have not had the opportunity to see the dentist recently, please take the time to reach out and we will be happy to show you how things are doing and how we can help.