Cleanings and hygiene

Regular hygiene appointments are essential to optimal oral health. By cleaning below the gumline and measuring bone and gum health, we can preserve teeth and overall general wellness. We use our teeth constantly, and it is important to clean and monitor oral health to prevent chronic disease and discomfort. 


Did you know that whitening your teeth can be beneficial for gum health? Carbamide peroxides break down into water and oxygen when in your custom fit trays. The oxygen is beneficial for your periodontal health as microbes causing gum disease and bad breath cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. You can have a brighter smile and healthier mouth! Ask us how.


Fillings are an aesthetic and economical way to restore teeth to health following trauma or decay. Small fillings last a very long time when placed correctly. When fillings become large, Dr. Calder and his team will discuss full coverage restorations that are stronger and more durable.

Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth becomes painful or the dental pulp dies, root canal therapy can be a great option to keep the tooth in use and prevent the need for an extraction. When tooth pulp dies it must be removed by root canal therapy or extraction of the tooth. When adequate tooth structure is present, root canal and crown can provide longevity for a tooth that would otherwise cause chronic infection or loss of the tooth. When there is inadequate tooth structure remaining, Dr. Calder will recommend bridges or implants to restore your mouth to optimal health.

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We cannot treat what we cannot see. By utilizing a vast amount of proven technologies we can identify each patients individual needs and concerns regarding oral health. All new patients at Quail Ridge Dental will be provided with a complete 3D scan of your face and jaw, intraoral X-rays, and a full mouth periodontol assessment. 

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