Crowns and bridges

Once a tooth has a large or multiple fillings, or has broken, been root canalled or fractured it requires a full coverage restoration to maintain its health and longevity. Remember, we use our teeth frequently every day. From decay, to trauma, to the heavy forces many of us subject our dentition to daily, they break down and require strength that fillings simply cannot provide. The good news is that in most cases, Dr. Calder and his team can provide you with a permanent crown in one visit! No more temporary crowns!

Dental bridges can also be a strong and cost effective way of replacing missing teeth without the need for surgery that is required for implant placement.


Veneers are a great option for improving the look of your smile while preserving as much tooth structure as possible. For cosmetic improvements with minimally invasive treatment, veneers are a fantastic option that provide strength and beauty that Composite material simply cannot match.

Implant supported crowns and bridges

Dental Implants

Dental implants are often the ideal way to replace single or multiple missing teeth. With the 3D imaging at Quail Ridge Dental, we are able to provide our patients with modern safe implant treatments provided by Dr. Calder and his trusted specialist colleagues.

Invisalign/Clear aligner Therapy

Straightening teeth isn’t just about cosmetic improvements. Poor alignment and crowding of teeth create traumatic bite relationships and increased plaque and biofilm accumulation. Straight teeth increase function, cosmetics and longevity of teeth, as well as decreasing plaque retention. Misaligned teeth create more fractures and increased tooth wear resulting in pain, chipping and breakage. We can often prevent the need for crowns in the future simply by aligning teeth into a more harmonious relationship.

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We cannot treat what we cannot see. By utilizing a vast amount of proven technologies we can identify each patients individual needs and concerns regarding oral health. All new patients at Quail Ridge Dental will be provided with a complete 3D scan of your face and jaw, intraoral X-rays, and a full mouth periodontol assessment. 

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