Do you have wrinkles in your forehead? Crows feet? Headaches from clenching or grinding your teeth? These are all common problems associated with overactive muscle contraction in the face and jaws. Neuromodulator therapy relaxes these strong muscles to reduce wrinkles, negative facial expression, and forces placed on jaw joints and teeth. Dr. Calder is trained in both cosmetic and therapeutic therapy to address a wide range of concerns and problems.

Laser Therapy

Canker sores and cold sores are common issues for many of our patients. Laser therapy provides enhanced healing by reducing nerve pain transmission and promoting site sterilization. This allows for more comfort and faster healing without the need for systemic drug therapy. For many with systemic illness and poor health, this can be a safe and simple way to decrease discomfort and increase oral function.

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We cannot treat what we cannot see. By utilizing a vast amount of proven technologies we can identify each patients individual needs and concerns regarding oral health. All new patients at Quail Ridge Dental will be provided with a complete 3D scan of your face and jaw, intraoral X-rays, and a full mouth periodontol assessment. 

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