Unwanted Wrinkles? Find out how we can help!


Do you have creases across your forehead? Are Crows feet becoming more apparent around your eyes? Do you have headaches? Do people tell ever say you look angry or tired? All of these things are caused by excessive muscle contraction in the face jaws and neck. This can result in unflattering lines and creases on the face as well as broken teeth, oral facial pain and chronic headaches. People are often unsure or unaware of what treatment options are available for these problems. THERE ARE SOLUTIONS

Cosmetic Botox uses small amounts of neuromodulators that are used to decrease muscle contraction in the face which reduces wrinkles and lines from forming in the skin.  These problems worsen over time as the muscles become exponentially stronger and therefore contract more and with greater force. Addressing these issues before they are real problems is critical to minimizing their long-term effects. At Quail Ridge dental we offer both cosmetic and therapeutic Botox solutions. We treat facial and forehead lines, lip pucker lines and necklace lines with cosmetic doses. We treat clenching and grinding muscles, temple muscles, as well as neck and shoulders with larger therapeutic. This treatment can dramatically reduce signs and symptoms of the aging process and provide significant relief from clenching and grinding. Come see us today and let us show you how we can change your life in just one short visit!

Dr. Steve Calder